Dude’s List: 11 Dumb*ss Reasons Girls Turn Down Guys


Standards. Expectations. Rules. Boundaries. Ideals. We all have a variety of personal principles that we like to use to reject people that show some…interest, in us. There are tons of different excuses we come up with. The question really becomes, which ones are rational and which ones are just batsh*t crazy? Where’s the line between legitimate reasons to tell a guy to go back to the time void and when are we just being ridiculously picky? Coming at this issue from the female side, I present you with 11 of the DUMBEST reasons y’all turn down guys:

Alright, thus concludes my tirade. Anything remind you of an incident in your life? Am I off base? Did I miss any? We all have our petty reasons to reject someone flat off. Doesn’t make it right. Doesn’t mean we’ll change. We could if we really worked hard enough, but Generation-Y kind of got skipped on the whole work ethic thing…a lot of them anyway. Next time on Dude’s List we’ll flip this coin take it from the boys’ side. Get your latex gloves ready…

On the bubble,

The Dude

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