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Seven First Dates I Want a Guy to Take Me On


While I usually enjoy the classic routine of dinner and a movie after you’re officially “dating” someone, I think it’s good to put a little spin on your first date with a new prospect. A creative and unique first date says a lot about a person’s style…snag the opportunity to make a statement! When you’re ┬ájust sitting in a movie theater for two hours not talking, it’s hard to get to know someone. However, if you go on a date that gives you time to make conversation and interact in different ways, you can figure out if you like the person a lot faster. I’m sure I’m not the only one who tends to like people more when they open up to me. I love hearing about someone’s family and dreams for the future (I know it’s cheesy).

Here are seven first dates I would like to be taken on. Now I just have to find someone to go with…

Ashley is a freshman at George Washington University and she’s majoring in Overanalyzing Situations and International Affairs. Follow her on twitter @ashleybrooks25

[Lead image via PonomarenkoNataly/Shutterstock]