This Post Grad Life: Time To Be A Little Selfish

I have discovered the answer to ALL post grad problems. The post grad problems I’m talking about consist of: stress, finding jobs that make you happy, dating mature human beings, partying, being adventurous, finding yourself…you get the point. So, how are we supposed to conquer all of these grown up issues at such a young age? Be obsessed with yourself.
With every fiber in my body I know this works. When you focus on nothing but yourself, things start miraculously working out in your favor. Put a little playful selfishness into action! Of course you should care about others and do things for the community, but lets be honest — doing good things for others makes you feel good, too! And that only aids in being obsessed with your own well-being.
You will never again have an issue with dating if you focus on what makes you happy. True story: I recently cancelled a date with a guy merely because I was painting my nails Turks and Caicos by Essie and munching on banana bread. I wasn’t really feeling a date night and didn’t want to ruin it with my selfish attitude. I’d much rather go when I actually wanted to. In the end, the guy was totally fascinated by my non-apologetic drive to live my own life and things have been working out flawlessly since!
You will never again have an issue with your job if you focus on what you’ve been wanting out of the job world since the beginning. A job is essentially what you fill 80% of your life cup up with, so it might as well be something positive. If you become consumed by a job that you do not enjoy, say hello to the bumpy road of stress and eventual disheartening failure. Ask yourself, “How can I be selfish? What can I do to make my heart feel at ease?” Do you want to quit your job and start a blog or open a cupcake shop? Um, do it! Seriously. Success shines brightly in something you are passionate about.
You will never again have an issue with feeling guilty for going out too late vs. staying in and petting your cat while you read Glamour by the fire. Do you struggle with guilty-for-not-going-out syndrome? STOP. It’s a simple calculation. If you don’t feellike going out…stay home and count the sheet-rock speckles on the ceiling. If you feel like going CRAZY at a local dive bar…go out and take a red headed slut shot and wake up feeling guilty all over again in the morning. You are still young, after all, and doing what you want (since you don’t have a family, baby, puppy tying you down) is totally 20-something life decision couture. ┬áNatural and beautiful.
You will never again baulk at spending money or time searching for happiness. Want to travel? Pin a map to the wall and throw a dart to see where it lands. Then save money and GO! If you want to by that vibrant orange lipstick because Glamour told you it was the “new red” go for it. And wear it to the grocery store, dammit!
At this age, life should be ALL about yourself. No one can stop you from doing what you want to do. As long as you’re not snorting a line of cocaine and building on fire on the coffee table, I think everything we really want for ourselves is pretty innocent.
Recently, I spontaneously flew to Los Angeles for a weekend to see some friends and ate as much fancy bakery goods, sushi and herbal lemonade as I could. I spent the extra money to buy something fringe so I fit in at The Grove in West Hollywood. In fact, I made out with a club promoter in the fancy new venue everyone was partying at on Hollywood Boulevard. Partially for the story, whole-heartedly for myself. Then, when I got home, I took a bath with eucalyptus bath salt I bought at Macy’s as a personal treat to myself. While listening to old country music on my iPod. And it was lovely.
Bottom line, do what you want for YOU. If you are a happy person, life will suddenly become so much brighter, clearer and exciting. And everyone will notice the vibrancy you’re putting off. Like a galaxy or bundle of fireworks exploding in a dark alley. You owe it to yourself to be there for no one else but the person you spend every minute with.
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