Dress To Valentine’s Perfection for Under $100

Valentine’s Day is in just¬†three days and I have one question for you: do you know what you’re wearing yet? You may be thinking, I don’t have a significant other. Why does it matter what I wear? Regardless of whether you have a boyfriend, a hook up, a crush or if you’re completely single, you should still try on V-Day. I know, I know it seems like a waste of time but I can think of two reasons to dress up even if you’re not dating anyone. 1. You could¬†find someone. And 2. It will make you feel better about yourself if you’re wearing a cute outfit instead of walking around in slouchy sweatpants. Also, you could go out with your girlfriends and make all the guys drool over how hot you all look. You know I’m right.

Now, back to the question of “what are you going to wear?” Don’t worry, College Fashion‘s got you covered!

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