One Month Challenge: Eating Clean, Week 2

Before I began, I had a lot a questions like “What is clean eating?” and “What foods are clean?” Well to be honest, even after doing loads of reading since my first post on the subject, I am still not entirely sure, so I have decided that I am going to slowly, but smartly, build my way up to much healthier eating. My first stop has been to cut out fried foods, microwaveable meals and simple carbohydrates (whole-wheat spaghetti = yum!).
So how has this been working out for me? I believe that a writer, like any artist, needs to be fully dedicated to her art – even if that requires perseverance in the face of pain, terror and piping hot broccoli soup. Yes, you read that right.  Broccoli soup.
Always a planner, yours truly scheduled herself to have two of her wisdom teeth taken out earlier in the week – which most of you know is no picnic. Yet, a week of yogurt, soup and healthy frozen yogurt didn’t sound so hard.  In fact it sounded quite refreshing – and easy.
Monday (surgery day) and Tuesday went by largely without a hitch – there isn’t much in the way of fried foods that can be slurped down and we had stocked up on yummy “drinkable,” healthy foods over the weekend.  However, on Wednesday, things took a turn for the worst  — I decided to have broccoli soup.
What do I have against broccoli soup? Well, I never got to taste it…not before I accidentally dropped it all over my lap!  The soup was so hot that I had to go to the ER to get checked out! Upon diagnosing my second-degree burns and observing my swollen right cheek, the ER doctor elegantly pronounced, “You’ve had a rough week.” Yes, doctor, yes I have.
Hopefully next week will be a little less exciting and I will be able to spend more time coming up with yummy meals and recipes to do while on this challenge.  (Right now I am sticking to Gazpacho…)

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