7 Places Kanye West Probably Was Instead of the Grammys


If you didn’t watch the Grammys last night, you missed a lot of performances, but — surprisingly — not a whole lot of awards. Even though the Grammys are supposed to be an award show, the program was more about throwing random artists together for collaborations, finding ways for Nicki Minaj to “out-Gaga” Gaga and honoring the fabulous Whitney Houston. When they actually presented someone with an award it was kind of confusing.

One of the first honors given out was for Best Rap Performance, which Kanye West and Jay-Z won for their song “Otis.” But neither of them were there to accept the little golden statue. Excuse me, what?! Ok, Jay-Z did just have a baby. And if I had a baby this adorable and a wife that beautiful I would probably skip out on the Grammys, too.

But where was Kanye?! He was actually nominated for two different albums – his solo project, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Watch the Throne, his collaboration with Jay-Z. All said, he won four awards last night, bringing his career Grammy total to 18. 18! We would think Kanye would want to be there to rub that in everyone’s face. So where was the elusive Mr. West? Naturally, we have a few highly-probable theories on the matter.

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