Beauty on a Budget: Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Okay, so this may sound like a weird pick for a beauty product column but I 100% swear by Vaseline. For years I’ve been using it for everything to keep my skin and lips moisturized. Especially for lips. I literally put it on every morning and every night before bed, and even before heading out for the night, and haven’t had to worry about chapped lips all winter.
But there is so much more you can do with Vaseline; it is seriously a beauty wonder product. As I mentioned, you can also apply it to dry skin like elbows or feet, but it can also help you apply makeup. If you mix a little bit of the petroleum jelly with a loose powder eye shadow or blush, it creates this great creamy texture and you’ll get more of a dewey look. When you’re coming in for the night, don’t to bed with makeup on or feel like you need to shell out for a fancy remover. Vaseline is a gentle and affordable eye makeup remover. Grab a few tissues and cotton balls and you’re good to go!

So basically, if you want a product that will keep your skin and lips incredibly smooth all winter while also giving you new ways to use the makeup you already have, pick up some Vaseline ASAP. You can find a small or large tub of Vaseline in the baby care section of the drug store and it won’t cost you more than five bucks.

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