The Weekly Ten: Things to Love About V-Day Whether You're Single or Coupled

Depending on your love life situation, the mention of Valentine’s Day makes you giddy or makes you groan. Many single people call this day “Singles Awareness Day,” and people in relationships are smiling all day as they are being showered with chocolate and flowers. But I don’t think Valentine’s Day should be about choosing sides.
Whether you are on the singles team or the relationship team, there are plenty of things to love about February 14. So stop dreading leaving your apartment or dorm on Tuesday if you hate seeing everyone wearing red and smiling, and if you’re in a relationship, try to appreciate these OTHER parts of V-Day along with appreciating your significant other.

[Lead image via Dorottya Mathe/Shutterstock]

I'm 23…and Getting Married
I'm 23…and Getting Married
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