On Matt Bomer's Understated "Coming Out"

In today’s society, coming out is one of the most personal and difficult decisions a person can make. Coming out means that you are sharing, sometimes with complete strangers, a part of yourself that has been buried and hidden for a long time. It means you are acknowledging the fact that you are different (although I wish being gay wasn’t classified as “different”).
Keeping the difficulty of such a task in mind, I applaud Matt Bomer for not only coming out, but for doing so without dramatization. Instead of acknowledging that he is different than the majority of people in the world, he did exactly what everyone else would do when they accept an award: he thanked his family. While some celebrities may choose to come out through magazine covers or interviews, Bomer treated the situation like it was completely normal when he said, “I’d especially like to thank my beautiful family: Simon, Kit, Walker, Henry. Thank you for teaching me what unconditional love is. You will always be my proudest accomplishment.” I love that Bomer took a situation that easily could have been escalated into an Us Weekly cover story and came out in a way that makes him just like any other celebrity dad and partner. His speech, I hope, gives us a glimpse into a future in which being gay is no different than being straight.
Yes, Matt Bomer’s speech showed us that he is gay. However, that is not all we learned from it. As it turns out, he has children, too. While we’ve known for a while that Simon Halls (Bomer’s partner) has children through a surrogate mother, it came as a shock to find that those children also call Matt Bomer “daddy.” Some might be bothered by Bomer’s decision to wait so long to come out, but I am more bothered by the fact that he felt he had to keep an entire part of his life hidden. He has a family that he goes home to every day. Until now, he has had two completely different lives. I greatly respect the privacy of celebrities but I find it awful that we live in a society in which someone feels they have to keep their family under wraps, not because they want to keep them out of the public eye, but because they’re “different.”
It is, in every respect, Matt Bomer’s decision to keep his sexuality hidden. I don’t believe that a person should ever feel obligated to either hide or reveal such a personal aspect of their life. However, I do greatly look forward to the day that a speech like the one given by Matt Bomer is just another acceptance speech thanking his family, not a coming out speech that classifies him as “different.”
Ashley is a freshman at George Washington University and she’s majoring in Overanalyzing Situations and International Affairs. Follow her on twitter @ashleybrooks25
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