Ask a Roommate: Who Let the Dogs Out?

When it comes to pets, is it better to compromise…or to put your foot down? Pets can be tons of fun in the right home — a cat is great for hours of entertainment and bonding time for roomies who are stressed out to the max. But what if your roommate wants to get a pet, and you totally hate the idea of it? Either you hate cats or are allergic to animal dander or you just don’t think it’s a good idea — sometimes, getting a pet isn’t as easy as a trip to the pet store.
However, Marysa’s got this one. She went through a similar experience with a roommate wanting a pet — and just deciding to get one without the go-ahead — and knows when it’s right to compromise, and when you just put your foot down. Listen to what she has to say and then let us know in the comments — what would you do if your roommate wanted a pet… and you didn’t?
If you have a question for Marysa, ask her on twitter @Marysa_Miller or by sending an email to editor [at] collegecandy [dot] com with “Ask a Roommate” in the subject line!

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