This Post Grad Life: I Vow…

Before I begin, this post is dedicated to all of the wonderful ladies (and men, if you’re reading) out there that feel a little stuck and lost in a life post-college. The world often feels bustling with too many confident individuals and not enough nervous, actual human beings just trying to find their place — both in the universe and in the Starbucks line each morning before work.
If you’re a 20-something, recently graduated and struggling to find the meaning of life (or whatever life entails for us emotional, strikingly beautiful beings), I want you to do something. Shut your bedroom door if you get embarrassed easily and turn up Adele to the highest volume your little computer allows you to — which, quite frankly, is never really loud enough. Then, I want you to read this post aloud with your hand on your heart and your chin lifted high. If there is a mirror nearby, look into it. And wink at yourself before you begin. Ok, here goes. It’s time to make some 20-something promises.
I vow to do my thang. Yes, thang. “Thang” is better than “thing.” In fact, if I decide I want to paint my nails instead of going out on that date later, I’m going to. It shows I don’t over-think things and I’m sure of myself. Most importantly, I know what I want and I do it.
I vow to quit stressing. My face gets too hot when I stress, and I do irrational things. I think I have enough money that instead of pulling my hair out, I can afford to buy a piece of dark chocolate and then budget some time to go on a run. Much better than rocking back and forth in the fetal position.
I vow to keep my close friends CLOSE and the other ones…just whenever they are around. I only need people who show that they need me. I have no time for silly business. The other 500 in my friends list on Facebook? I don’t forget to write ‘Happy Birthday’ on their walls, but I’ll see them when I see them.
I vow to not let anyone steal my joy. 
I vow to savor everything. Sleep, the taste of really cold water, good times, things that make me truly happy. Even if it’s just this very moment. And slowly! I vow to take things slowly. Stop to really taste the coconut in that macaroon, really read the words in my new favorite book. Whatever it is, take it slow and believe it.
I vow to give, give, give. Small gifts, sweet letters, long lasting hugs.
I vow to keep my credit card at home when I go to the bar. Shots of jaeg are not a dollar and my savings account does not deserve a hangover.
I vow to have a backbone.
I vow to fight like a boxer. But don’t misunderstand, no need to throw a ton of punches. I know how to pick and choose my battles and throw one stone-cold punch only when I need to. [Editor’s note: I hope you mean that figuratively, Brittany!]
I vow to have my own life, confidence and never believe what anyone says about me. I make my own plans. I am in charge of who I am. And I believe in it.
Don’t you feel better about life now? I do.
[Lead image via Vadym Drobot/Shutterstock]

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