Heart Attack Grill Actually Causes Heart Attack

No, this is not a joke. Last weekend a customer of this Las Vegas establishment went into cardiac arrest while consuming a 6,000 calorie Triple Bypass burger that contained 12 slices of bacon. While the waitresses look great in the sexy nurse get up, they were of little help to the suffering patron, and he was rushed to a nearby hospital. While even the Tripple Bypass burger makes the Bic Mac look like a happy meal, Heart Attack Grill has an even bigger burger: the Quadruple Bypass Burger.  This 8,000 calorie ‘clogged artery waiting to happen’ is comprised of four 1/2lb hamburger patties separated by 20 slices of bacon, four slices of cheese, tomato and onion all sandwiched between two buns drizzled in some mayo-ketchup combination. Here at CollegeCandy, we were having trouble grasping the impact of 8,000 calories. I mean, that’s 4 days worth of the recommended daily caloric intake. We put together a nice infographic to help put it into perspective.

[infographic art courtesy of shutterstock]

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