Things We Wouldn't Suggest Hiding in Your Underwear

Do you remember the “underwear bomber”? On Christmas Day in 2009, he tried to set off a bomb moments before his Amsterdam to Detroit flight landed. Where did he hide the bomb? In his underwear. Luckily, the bomb malfunctioned and brave passengers held onto him until authorities came to take him away. This attempted bombing is one of the major reasons why full-body scanners are being installed in airports across the country.
The “underwear bomber” was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday. We’re glad that no one was harmed in his attempted attack, and that justice was served. But we just have to say – he hid the bomb in his underwear? Ouch! Your bra can be a decent hiding place for some things, like money. But overall, your undergarments are not a great place to store things. Here’s our list of 8 more things we don’t suggest ever hiding in your underwear.

[Lead image via Yellowj/Shutterstock]

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