Sundays Are For Procrastinating: Best of Salt-N-Pepa Music Videos

I am 90s obsessed. To kind of a ridiculous extent. Don’t ask me why, because I can’t even really explain it. But it’s one of my goals to make other people appreciate the 90s just as much as I do. And what better way to do that than show you the best of one of my favorite 90s acts: Salt-N-Pepa. They got started in the 80s of course, so they’ve got all that awesomeness going on, too. But I remember them mostly as they were during my childhood in the 90s. I love their videos, and you should, too. Lyrics: yes. Dancing: yes. Outfits: yes. Girl power: yes. You’ll see what I mean.

And then this happened…

Garnet is a student at Columbia University in New York City. She is “that person” who starts dancing at a party when everyone else is standing around, and if there were a Facebook stalking Olympics, she would be a gold medalist. She also loves cheesy 90s music, and almost died of happiness when Vanilla Ice retweeted her. Once. Follow her on Twitter @garnethenderson.

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