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Dude’s List: 11 Dumb*ss Reasons Guys Turn Down Girls


The saga continues. Last time, I brought you 11 Dumb*ss Reasons Girls Turn Down Guys. Today, it’s time to turn the tables on the pricks. That’s right, this time I’m giving you 11 of the stupidest, most ridiculous, and ludicrous reasons that guys turn their noses down on a gal. Don’t expect niceties and don’t expect logic. I think we proved with Part 1 that we’re not dealing with what makes sense, just with what sometimes happens, for better or worse. Read on if you dare…

So there you have it, 11…well, 10…dumb*ss reasons guys turn down girls. I promise there are more. Many more. Can you guess some? I’m begging you, enlighten me, ladies. What are the stupidest reasons you’ve ever been turned down or known someone to get the boot? Men are dogs. Men are pigs. Men have two heads and tend to think with the smaller one. Prejudices and expectations run deep and dirty. They extinguish possibilities before even admitting they exist. These Dude’s Lists have been some fun, some of it meant to be a bit more serious than other points, but in the end hopefully we can agree on this: some of our “rules” can be pretty damn detrimental and downright offensive. Not just to others but to ourselves. So what would happen, if we just allowed ourselves to be open, regardless of height, hair color, or bank account? What if we gave the sex a second chance? What if we took the time to get to know someone before writing them off? What kind of world would we be living in? What kind of a civilization would we be living in? Speculate below…

100% Grade A Beefcake,

Dude Einstein

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