11 Rules for Making the First Move


Tired of waiting around for him to notice you? Despite years of Disney’s social conditioning, it’s time to enter the reality that is the modern dating scene. Prince Phillip doesn’t exist, girls, and you’re not a princess. For all the other areas of society that women are dominating, why should we shy away from approaching a romantic endeavor with a similar gusto? Why don’t we ask him out? Common reasons include: fear of rejection, laziness, society’s insistence that he should chase you. Can we all just relax? He’s not approaching you for the very same reasons: fear of rejection, laziness, the pressure from society’s insistence that he has to pursue you. If I waited on every guy I noticed to approach me, I might as well join a convent.

So how do you do it? In order to really understand how men would like to be approached, I hand selected 15 able gentlemen to question. These are exactly the kinds of guys you want to date: smart, successful, funny and beautiful.  The first thing I wanted to know was, “Do guys want to be approached by women, or is it emasculating?” Every single guy said they are on board if it’s done the right way. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“Honestly, a girl putting herself out there in any way and being even a little aggressive is very attractive to me, ’cause I think guys are used to having to be the aggressor. I’d say any kind of extra attention makes it obvious a girl is interested.” — Tim

“I’m not really one to approach girls. I usually need to have about 8 liters of booze in me before I make a move. When I do it’s usually weird (surprise) and/or sloppy. I’m a huge advocate of women making the first move instead of waiting for the guy – it will save you a ton of time finding someone.” — Neal

“If you like a guy? Go freaking talk to him, he may have no idea you are interested in him, or think you may never be. When a pretty girl comes up to me and starts a conversation, I listen.” — Mitch

“Should a girl walk up to me and strike up the conversation, it doesn’t matter to me who started it if the conversation’s interesting, and there’s chemistry. To add to that, if there IS some chemistry, she gets uber, super-hero kudos points for being the one that started it.” — Chris

After interviewing all of the men thoroughly, I’ve put together a strategy on how to successfully make the first move. This walks you through your appearance, attitude and execution. While I can’t ensure this will land you a date 100 per cent of the time, I can say it will never leave you with regret.

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