In Our Makeup Bag: Anastasia Highlighting Creme Duo

What It Is: Anastasia Highlighting Creme Duo in St. Tropez

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:
Most makeup users apply blush daily, but some overlook highlighter. A good highlighter won’t make you look like a disco ball; it will blend seamlessly into your skin and define your bone structure.
Anastasia is a brand known more for brow products, but their makeup packs a real punch. I’m testing out the blush and highlighter, the Anastasia Highlighting Creme Duo in St. Tropez — a berry pink and golden tan pairing.

How To Use It:
I like to use my finger for application of both these products. The creme blush is a bit stiffer than most, so you need to warm it up slightly before use. I swirl my finger around and dab it on my cheeks, finally blending it in. Then, add a few drops of the highlighting liquid on the top of cheekbones and under the brow and blend away!

(golden tan, berry pink)

CC Rating: C+

I wish I could give the Anastasia Highlighting Creme Duo a better score. I adore the highlighting liquid; the bronzy-peach shade is so lovely and really makes skin glow. However, the blush is lacking. It’s a nice color, but it’s extremely sheer and melts off way too quickly. It’s gone on my oily skin in about two hours, which isn’t acceptable.
The packaging also leaves something to be desired. The creme is housed in top compartment, which includes a mirror. I actually really like this part of the package, but the bottom portion that holds the highlighter is problematic. You screw the entire top off there is a paddle applicator attached. It’s much too big to be used to actually apply the product and could create a big mess. The whole thing is just more cumbersome than useful.
If you’re looking for a highlighter and don’t mind a bit of a struggle with packaging, check out the Anastasia Highlighting Creme Duo. The $26 price tag is reasonable, considering you get 1.07 oz of product!
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