Sex in the News: Real Cost of Birth Control

After the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform filled a panel discussing President Obama’s Affordable Care Act and the birth control mandate with only men, it’s time to explain one thing. If you don’t use birth control you probably don’t fully understand it, am I right? Yes, and as such, many of the men who want to control your reproductive rights (Rick Santorum included) fail to realize the cost of birth control. Last week Santorum told CPAC that birth control costs “a few dollars.”
And well, this just isn’t true. The Center for American Progress released a report saying that the cost of birth control is prohibitive to many women. The pill, patch or ring (methods that are likely primary choices for college-aged women) can cost as much as $1,200 a year without insurance. This includes the cost of a visit to the doctor as well.
Sorry Santorum, but it’s not cheap. Even for women with insurance, certain types of birth control pills require forking over $50 a month out of pocket. What’s even more expensive? Having a baby. Money is the number one reason that women delay having kids. While birth control will always be cheaper than supporting a child, it can still put a dent in income. As a result of the cost, the report says almost half of young adult women don’t use their method as directed.
So let’s include some women into the decision making process and add some real insight into the birth control payer debate, okay?
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