Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Sophia Bush is Sexy in Sequins

I’ll always have a soft spot for Sophia Bush because one of my favorite ways to waste time is to have a One Tree Hill marathon, and Brooke Davis consistently speaks to my soul. (Judging from Tumblr, I’m clearly not alone.) Sophia’s personal style is just as great as her character’s. She generally sticks to a low-key, slightly edgy, feminine aesthetic, with a lot of black, lace, sequins, and classic patterns.

sequinned jacket – Forever 21, $32.80//gray tank – Topshop – $12.00//black cami – 6pm, $16.99//skinny jeans – Zappos, $39.99//black pumps – 6pm, $49.99
Sophia wore the above to a Foster The People show, and I love everything about this. Without a doubt, one of the sexiest items a girl can own is a basic, flattering tank top. Its allure lies in its lack of frills, the flirty amount of skin it shows, and the complete and utter lack of effort it takes to rock one. Add some fabulous dark skinny jeans and it’s a bangin’ combination. The sequined jacket is a cute, whimsical touch and classic black pumps complete the look. This is the perfect laidback night on the town look, whether you’re hanging out with a boy or your besties. It’s the perfect combination of sleek, flirty, and fun.
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Web Spy: Zumeo
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