Twitter Trends: The Best of #YouKnowSheRatchetIf

Today, one of the top trending topics on Twitter is #YouKnowSheRatchetIf. We’ve compiled the best tweets of the trend, but first, allow us to give you this very formal definition from Urban Dictionary:

Ratchet: The term ‘ratchet’ has no less than two distinct meanings. As an adjective, it describes a person or activity that is out of hand, out of control, or generally whack in some way. As a verb, or a direct object (“do tha ratchet, yeah, do tha ratchet…”), the term serves to identify or describe the dance craze–and the movements associated herewith– of the Ratchet.

There you go. And now, check it out: the best of #YouKnowSheRatchetIf.

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