What's Next For Gerard Butler? Rehab!

TMZ just released news that Gerard Butler has checked himself into rehab for prescription painkillers and cocaine. Interesting mix, huh? Apparently he started taking the painkillers for the “physical demands” of filmingĀ 300 in 2006 and started taking them even more often after a surfing accident in December. The good news is that Butler realized the magnitude of the situation and decided to check himself into rehab to prevent the addiction from getting even more serious. TMZ was told that Butler also developed a cocaine addiction but the main reason for checking himself into rehab is the painkillers.
I think it’s a good thing that Butler realized he had a problem and decided to fix it before it ruined his life. Addictions (to anything, really) can not only hurt you but the people around you. Kudos to Gerard Butler for keeping that from happening.

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