One Month Challenge: Eating Clean, Week 4

Wow, time flies!  Can’t believe my challenge is over – or at least my blogging commitment! I have to say that while I am a bit sad, I am also relieved. It isn’t always easy to be mindful of what you are eating, especially when so many factors are conspiring against you. For example, if you work within a team of only males, they aren’t likely to be super enthusiastic about catering to your diet needs. At first, despite my protestations, my co-workers had a hard time understanding that I wasn’t doing this challenge because I felt a need to lose weight or was on the verge of an eating disorder, but because I wanted to make a concerted effort to be healthier. However, not all was lost on them, as I did manage to inspire one to do the challenge with me. Sometimes I even had to explain to him that the point of the challenge was NOT self-deprivation but rather self-consciousness (in a positive sense)!

Perhaps most importantly, doing this challenge has made me more aware of how others treat food and how much they know about healthy eating. I was astonished as I sat on the subway one morning and listened (ok, eavesdropped!) on a conversation a young woman in high school was having with her friend about her eating habits.
The highlights included:

  • Eating healthy was too much work/not fun/too restrictive – why couldn’t she just have a fried egg and bacon sandwich in the morning?
  • A muffin was considered a healthy alternative um, perhaps to a fried egg and bacon sandwich covered in grease… (but at least that has protein!)
  • If she wanted to lose weight she could basically not eat for the rest of the day since she’d still be full from her big breakfast – Yes, breakfast is a SUPER important meal of the day but it does not provide a full day of fuel (and if you’re breakfast does, that may be another problem!)

Maybe the worst part about this conversation was realizing that these young women were not alone in their lack of health education (and I am not talking about safe sex – although also important!). On the one hand we’re all bombarded with articles predicting the demise of an obese America, but on the other hand, are the right people getting this information? Could we just be preaching to the choir rather than going out and making an impact? Are we going about it the right way?
I don’t believe any of this is black or white (I enjoy my own fair of “unhealthy foods” once in awhile) but it’s definitely food for thought… (Ha ha)

Dorm Room Workout: Wake Up!
Dorm Room Workout: Wake Up!
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