Is The iPad 3 Almost Here?

Hold onto your glasses, geeks! The iPad 3 might get here sooner than we all thought. I have the iPad 2, and to be honest with you, I’m completely in love with it. I don’t go anywhere without it, and I can’t quite remember what I did before I had it in my little technology obsessed hands. When the iPad first came out, I was definitely a bit skeptical. Why would anyone need an oversized iPhone? Now I can’t imagine life without my oversized iPhone.
iPad has so many great features from its amazing display to its incredible battery life. It stays charged longer than my laptop does. Apps on the iPad make life easy with project management tools, iBooks, and magazines right at your fingertips. I’m a Mac in every aspect of my life, but even my PC friends can’t get enough of the iPad. In addition to being a great education and business device, it’s also fabulous in terms of entertainment whether you’re playing Angry Birds or watching Netflix. But that’s enough bragging on the iPad.
Rumors of the iPad 3 have been circulating like crazy around the interwebs, and Apple fans couldn’t be more excited. Although most of the rumors have been based on speculation, there are some recently leaked photos of the iPad 3. It appears to be a little bit thicker than the iPad 2 with a better rear camera. It will have more tapered edges, and is allegedly set to be released on March 7! Oh, and there might also be the release of a smaller, iPad Mini. Leave it to Mr. Steve Jobs to always have one more thing.
Do you have an iPad? Are you excited about the iPad 3? Would you invest in it?
Caitlin is a senior at the University of Alabama who has an obsession with cupcakes, coffee, andHarry Potter. She always has random fun facts on reserve and aspires to be a professional blogger,social media bug, and/or James Franco’s assistant. Follow her fabulous life @caitlincorsetti. You’re welcome!

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