CC Book Club: Mindy Kaling’s “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?”

Thanks to the CC reader who recommended we pick up Mindy Kaling’s hilarious autobiography for our February pick! Mindy is best known for her work as a television writer and actress, specifically playing Kelly on NBC’s The Office, so I knew that this one would be good. Not only is she talented in those areas, but she’s got the writing skills to actually pen her own book instead of using a ghostwriter like most celebs.

Mindy’s book recounts her humble beginnings as a chubby, East Indian child, growing up with immigrant parents to her college years and her rise to fame with the play Matt & Ben, a play about Matt and Ben’s friendship that Mindy and her friend Brenda both wrote and starred in. Reading “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” is like listening to¬† a girlfriend you haven’t chatted with in a while. She’s got a bunch of great stories ready for you and is her complete and total self…imperfections and all. Who else would post a picture of a giant zit and tell you the horror story that goes along with it? Surely not a Hollywood celebrity!

I really love this wave of “real” women in Hollywood. Granted, most of them are in comedy (Tina Fey, Kristen Wiig anyone?), as is Mindy, but they are so refreshing! They are willing to let it all hang out and hope that you still like them, without fearing for their career or reputation. Yes, I know making fun of themselves is part of their shtick, but I much prefer that to a girl who won’t go outside without a gallon of makeup on, for fear of seeing the paparazzi.

Mindy Kaling’s autobiography is the kind of book that makes you a) become a full-fledged fan (if you’re not already) and b) feel better about your goofy self. Like I said, I constantly felt like I was catching up with an old friend, not reading a book by a perfect stranger.

So what did you think of “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” We also need your recs for March’s pick, so be sure to leave that along with your comments!

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