The Weekly Ten: Celeb Body Parts I Covet

I am pretty happy with myself. It took three torturous middle school years and four years of high school full of insecurity to get me to the point where I actually like who I am and how I look (most days). But sometimes I see certain celebs, and I think, “I would kill for her (insert body part here).” I know celebs have stylists, personal trainers and hair/make-up people who help them look amazing, so it’s hard not to get jealous (because I can barely curl my own hair).
This isn’t a post about how I feel inferior to celebs and hate myself. This is about how I’m totally happy with my body, but if someone offered me Britney Spears‘ stomach circa 2000, I would have no problem saying, “Yes,please!” So here’s to you hot celebs, you have the best body parts, and I may just have to kill you and steal them right off your hot bods.

[Lead image via Violanda/Shutterstock]

And The Oscar For Best Dressed Goes To…
And The Oscar For Best Dressed Goes To…
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