Baby When We're Grinding: A Breakdown of All the Times I Grind

I think at one time or another, all of us like to get our booty-shake on. Whether you’re tipsy at a local bar at closing time or you’re staying in on a Friday night with your girlfriends, there is nothing wrong with getting down and boogieing. “Grinding” is what the kids call “dancing” these days where two (or more! Grinding train anyone?) people rub up against each other, usually fully clothed, and basically have sex with clothes on. I would call it, like, dry-humping but you’re standing up…
So while I pondered what exactly grinding is, I wondered how many times I myself grind to some bumping beats (confession: sometimes alone). I made a list of some of the perfect instances to grab somebody sexy/moderately attractive and tell ’em “Hey! Get yo grind on!”

Editor’s Note: I think we’d be remiss to not include the pivotal music video that inspired the title of this post. For your viewing pleasure…
[Lead image via Kzenon/Shutterstock]

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