This Post Grad Life: Fabulous Grown-Up Blogs!

I remember the days when my nose was pressed against the screen in English class, trying to hide the fact that I was scrolling through Perez Hilton. I was obsessed with checking Perez regularly. How many pee-pees was he going to draw on Jennifer Love-Hewitt’s face today?!? Among other blogs I browsed through during college….well there were not many. Texts From Last Night filled by main browser, a few visits to Damn You AutoCorrect!, and of course a little love from CollegeHumor. I loved being entertained by other people’s trashy bits of information that were slightly relevant to my current lifestyle. Aww, big nostalgic sigh for college, everyone.
A lot has changed since my campus days. I graduated, moved home and rediscovered my love for weekends and the simple pleasure that accompanies falling asleep with a good book in my hand.  I have also taken a closer look the blogging world and have become addicted to some truly great sites. Fashion has been presented to me in new and exciting ways. Pinterest has turned me into a whore for DIY projects. And I always love reading the back story on a successful, power woman-blogger.
That being said, I’ve gathered up my favorite grown-up blogs to waste your time with while you do the side eye at the office (making sure no one is looking at the donut in your lap and the shiny blog on your screen). Or, if you’re extra responsible, curl up in bed this weekend and have a blog extravaganza. Explore all of the new words and blogs that will inspire your new, post-grad life. Oui madame!
This blog is SUCH a treat. Coming from a girl who has started shopping regularly at my local fabric store, I can’t resist a good ol’ fashioned DIY project. This blog is full of step-by-step projects that any 20-something girl could not resist (sparkly pumps, fancy bracelets, glamorous suitcases, Oscar dresses, glasses cases and more). Also, everything on the blog is completely realistic to make. No need to be born a starving artist. You could have two left hands and have fun with these creative ideas. How special is that!
Honestly WTF
Fashion, design, DIY and more fashion. Honestly WTF is full of every single bit of it. It’s perfectly twisted and dreamy, like the lights backstage at a fashion show. Exposing new styles, ways to create them yourself and fantasy home design. It’s truly one of my favorites because I lose myself for hours on end whenever I visit it…imagining my future life in a cozy apartment replicating the designs on the website and getting down with my artsy self. Mmmm, Honestly WTF — I’m committed to you.
Tom & Lorenzo
Ok, I love fashion. And before I found out about Tom & Lorenzo’s blog, I would search every gossip website for a detailed discussion about what obnoxious bows everyone was wearing at the Oscars. Finally, I found my fashion bloggie love match. Two flamboyant gay men (they’re a couple) named Tom and Lorenzo completely break down every fashion moment in Hollywood with photos and quick wit. Everything they say is deliciously hilarious and dead-on. Omg, instant besties!
The Pioneer Woman
I’m sure you’ve heard of this foodie-inspired blog extravaganza before, but I’m just here to remind you it exists. When I’m stressed, I usually bake, and when I feel like growing up an inch or two, I cook. The one place I dial-in to immediately is this blog, where The Pioneer Woman shares such detailed instructions to cooking (with GORGEOUS photos). I can’t help be inspired to cook all day long! Also, her stories are hilarious. She’s married to the hottest cowboy ever (who she calls Marlboro man), and lives on a giant ranch in Montana. Dreamy.
Making Magique 
Need to feel inspired? Dive into this inspiration wall created by an incredibly artistic, dream obsessed, style dripping blog lady. Whenever I’m feeling a little stressed about my own life, I turn to this effortless platform to literally stare at the computer screen with my mouth open. A grown up Perez Hilton! (The blog, not me.)
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