Web Spy: Raditaz

I know I’m not alone in my love of Pandora Radio. Whether I’m studying, walking to class, having a dance party with my friends or working out, I have a station that suits my every situation and mood.
As much as I love Pandora, though, I’ve recently discovered a new site that’s giving Pandora a run for it’s money.
Raditaz is an internet radio service, much like Pandora, except it has over 14 million songs in their library — that’s about 13 million more than Pandora has. That means you might have better luck of finding songs from an obscure artist you liked back in your high school punk days, and also that there’s less chance of hearing the same songs over and over.
Like Pandora, you can create a station based on an artist you like and refine it based on liking or disliking the songs that come up. If a song comes on that you don’t like, you can skip it (up to six an hour per station). But unlike Pandora, Raditaz has no audio ads (just ads on the site itself).
Browsing stations is also a bit different from Pandora — they’re organized by genre, but you can also browse popular stations (called “trending” stations, like on Twitter), or by location (laid out on a Google map).
Raditaz also has mobile apps for Android and iPhone, so you can listen on the go. The apps also give you the option to name your stations (“work out,” “study,” or “pre-game,” for example).
Try ditching your old online music streamer and rock on with Raditaz! I guarantee you’ll like it!

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