Born This Way Foundation Stops Bullying the Gaga Way

Lady Gaga has officially launched her organization, the Born This Way Foundation, to transform our society’s tolerance of bullying, especially when it comes to homosexual children. Gaga came up with the idea for this foundation in light of the suicide of Tyler Clementi at Rutgers University. This was a major story in the news but, unfortunately, thousands of suicides resulting from homophobic bullying occur every year.
While many people have theorized ways to stop bullying, Lady Gaga is actually doing something. And she’s doing it in typical Gaga fashion. She has acknowledged the fact that we cannot rely on the government or even teachers to stop bullying. Ending the torment is something that can only happen through the people. Realizing this, Lady Gaga has decided to put a spin on her foundation’s method to stop bullying. Instead of the lectures and speeches one would expect from an anti-bullying foundation, Born This Way hopes to actually reach out to students and listen to how they think bullying should be stopped. Gaga plans to make these sessions fun by holding them in her Born to Be Brave Bus, a place “to come and hang out and talk about love, acceptance or kindness.” The creative singer also plans to bring life into her foundation by, as she puts it, making it “essentially a tailgate.”
I think that if anyone can stop bullying by having a “tailgate,” it’s Lady Gaga.
Do you think Gaga can do it? Tell us in the comments! 
Ashley is a freshman at George Washington University and she’s majoring in “Overanalyzing Situations” and International Affairs. Follow her on twitter @ashleybrooks25

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