Will Lindsay Lohan Make A Comeback By Hosting SNL?

It was announced this week that Lindsay Lohan will be hosting SNL this weekend. Apparently, she has cleaned up her act and is ready to make a comeback at 25 years old. Hey, I commend Linds for trying to get her life together and make America remember why we all loved her years ago. Everyone knows she’ll never be as precious as she was in The Parent Trap days, but maybe we can at least get her back to Mean Girls status.
Lindsay appeared on The Today Show and claimed that she has made some mistakes and has learned from them. For Lindsay, Saturday Night Live seems like the perfect place to show everyone that she’s not the girl she used to be. Now, what can we expect from LiLo when is comes to her SNL comeback?
I, for one, hope that there is some sort of self-deprecation¬†skit. I think it’s great when celebrities can laugh at themselves and poke fun at how silly they can be sometimes. If Lindsay can laugh at herself, I think she’ll be able to make everyone else laugh with her too instead of¬†at her. She’s had so many mishaps and blunders that I think the amount of material that the SNL writers could come up with is endless.
I also hope for some laughter from the cast. I can’t help but think of when Lindsay hosted and they did the Disneyland/Debbie Downer skit. No one could hold it together and the breaking of characters made the skit ten times funnier. I think that if the old Linds shines through, she could really come back strong. People may start taking her seriously. I am really rooting for her and wish her well. I’m sure a lot of people want to see her flop and fail, but as a Mean Girls enthusiast and fan of the song “Over” by Ms. Lohan, I am hoping that she proves the haters wrong. Good luck, Linds!
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