Budget Stylista: Louboutins for the Louboubroke

Just when you thought spring-like weather was finally about to peak and unfreeze campus grounds, designers are cranking out fall/winter 2012 collections like it’s going out of style. Collection after collection, trends take on new life and begin their journey to boutiques and department stores. Keeping up with the industry is like running a marathon; as exhausting as it can be, the effort pays off with results of glamorous ensembles and an appreciation for the art of fashion. As the budget stylista, I can tell you first hand that running the fashion marathon is no walk in the park. College budget babes need to put in extra effort to not only duplicate the trend, but to find prices that allow us to look chic and afford rent. Though trends come and go, shoes are forever fabulous. Less strict rules apply to the footwear, and thankfully you can pull them off whenever you’d like. Though I can only dream of one day acquiring a real pair of red bottoms, I’ve hunted down some Louboutin look-a-likes for all the dreamers out there!

(NOTICE: Due to the incredibly high prices of Christian Louboutin’s, prices are not mentioned to ensure that all college budget restrained viewers do not pass out due to shock or astonishment)

Real Deal: Sleek and fabulous. Appropriate for an elegant date night or a wild night out with your girls. Best matched with a solid color, preferably a slimming LBD.

Louboutin Look-a-like: A bit toned down, but still the sexy center of attention. Definitely enough bling for your buck! Aldo Shoes $80


Real Deal: Look but don’t touch. This season, studs and spikes are the mullet-dress of footwear. Seen everywhere, but happiest when attached to a nude pair of red bottoms.


Louboutin Look-a-like: Nude tone to elongate and flatter the calf muscles. These are the edgy hybrid babies of the asymmetrical and sharp stud trends. Vile Broccoli Fur (Etsy) $115


Real Deal: Give your feet a night off from those killer stilettos. These are not only perfect for that lace mini dress you’ve been dying to wear, but pair them with your favorite skinnies and leather jacket to accent a girly touch.

Louboutin Look-a-like: #Twinning! These are the CL flat’s cousin. Just as good looking with a bit of a different hue. If you’re desperate, spray paint the bottom a cherry color– it’ll be our little secret. DSW $44.95

Real Deal: Embrace spring, embrace a pop of color. Pay a little homage to Malibu Barbie with a classic pink pump.

Louboutin Look-a-like : Pink pumps with a RED bottom!? Sign me up. The shape is a bit less vertical, but a bit more practical. Your arches will thank you. Macy’s $79.99

Real Deal:  I’ve always thought wedges were the spring season of shoes. Sleek, chic, and look incredible when paired with any high-waisted maxi skirt, button up blouse, and  blazer finished ensemble!

Louboutin Look-a-like: Same style, different fabric, full wallet. Target $29.99

I Wish I Were Here! [Photos]
I Wish I Were Here! [Photos]
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