Our Friday Video Is a Hopeless Romantic [Video]

When boys are little, they’re supposed to think girls have “cooties” and that kissing is icky and something you only do to your mommy and daddy. Well there is one little boy that is going against the grain! This mini hopeless romantic watches the famous upside-down kiss from the movie Spiderman and has a pretty funny reaction.

He lets out some “aww”s and “oooh”s which I just find to be the most precious thing ever. He watches intently and yells out, “Awww he’s happy!” (His brother or little friend with him does not find the romance quite so lovely, which is also hilarious.) But we’re happy too, cutest little boy on earth! You’re going against the little boy “love is gross” norms! You will melt a million hearts one day. Keep that hopeless romantic attitude, little buddy!

[Lead image via Paleka/Shutterstock]

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