How Do You Respond to Compliments?

To quote an icon, Brandon Graeber of the @Hipstermaid twitter account, “I’m not going to believe that Generation Y (myself included) is ‘addicted to praise’ until I get a trophy for doing so.” So maybe our generation is a little bit compliment-crazy (don’t forget to comment about how irreverent and humorous my writing is at the end of this post), but accepting a compliment is always just a tad bit awkward. Why can’t we just say thank you? Is it because we don’t want to come off cocky? Or is it because we all secretly enjoy the social awkwardness of trying to respond?
There are several common approaches to accepting a compliment and all of them are pretty uncomfortable. There’s the blunt “no” as in: “Oh my god, no, I do not, I’m a million pounds.” So not only have you not said thank you (rude), but you’ve called the compliment-er wrong (rude, again).
Then there is the “No, you are!” method, in which you just turn the compliment around to the other person. This leads to a multitude of uncomfortable silence because usually the compliment being given is relatively unique to you. Example, “I love your blonde hair!” “I love yours!” “I am brunette…” it really never ends well.
With these social faux pas in mind, next time your local homeless man tells you your hair is radiant or your best friend tells you how thin you look in your leggings, just skip the uncomfortable responses and say thanks!
How do you guys handle compliments? Do you shove them off or flip them around? Are you the picture of maturity and respond with a polite thank you, then carry on with your day? Sound off below!

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