11 Reasons Watching 'Game of Thrones' Will Get You Laid

Sure, I like dinner. Yeah, we can grab a few drinks, and maybe we’ll go see a movie. But if you really want to win my heart? Make me a root beer float, curl up next to me and put on Game Of Thrones. There is no better aphrodisiac. Fantasy, sex and adventure get the imagination racing, blood flowing and body aching all from the comfort of a couch…that you’re hopefully sharing.
If you haven’t seen Game of Thrones you have a few short weeks to catch up before season two begins on April 1st. Check out the trailer and our list of why this show will get you laid. You shouldn’t need more convincing.


CollegeCandy is Going to SXSW!
CollegeCandy is Going to SXSW!
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