Ultimate Music Festival Bucket List

As Spring and Summer approach, our anticipation for music festival season crescendos with a fury. Sunshine, music, beautiful people and booze? Give it here. CollegeCandy decided to kick off the music festival season with a good old fashioned bucket list. We have compiled a monster list of 50 things to complete before the season is over. Some items are more scandalous or embarrassing than others, but all are designed to make sure you have a hell of a time.

But not only are we offering you this list (because anyone can do that), we are taking things a step further and vowing to complete every item with you. That’s right, CollegeCandy editor, Jenny Baker, will take on the challenge as she travels to South by South West in Austin Texas this next week. If she can check off every item by the end of SXSW, there is no excuse for you to not finish the list before the end of the festival season. Every time Jenny completes a task, she will alert everyone via Twitter @NYC_CC, so you can follow her progress there. In order for CollegeCandy to officially check the item off, Jenny must provide either photo or video evidence of the deed. Sorry mom. Without further ado, we give you the 2012 Music Festival Bucket List:

1.    After party with a band
2.    Make out with a band member (Double points if you do it on stage)
3.    Lose one or more articles of clothing
4.    DONT lose your phone
5.    Sneak into a guest list party
6.    Wake up with pictures you don’t remember
7.    Crowd surf (double points if you jump off the stage)
8.    Collect phone numbers titled some variation of “cute blond boy stubbs stage 1”
9.    Take a tequila shot before 10am (don’t vomit)
10.    Drink a margarita the size of your face
11.    Try a different hangover cure every day
12.    Eat street food while drunk (don’t vomit)
13.    Walk up to random person, kiss them and walk away without saying a word
14.    Bong a beer
15.    Climb on strangers shoulders
16.    Get back stage
17.    Stay up for 24+ hours straight
18.    Wake up and not know where you are
19.    Get completely lost
20.    Make friends with 5 people from a different country or state
21.    Steal an article of clothing from a stranger
22.    Get a band member to give you a shout out on stage
23.    Hit on someone underage
24.    Get good or bad advice from a local [for SXSW, RIP Leslie Cochran]
25.    Sleep outside
26.    Get a sunburn
27.    Brush your teeth with booze [preferably a bottle of Jack]
28.    See a band you’ve never heard of or seen before
29.    Find another person with your same name
30.    Pee in public
31.    Run from security or someone in charge
32.    Have an artist autograph your skin
33.    Snap a photo with a celeb
34.    Throw your bra at the stage
35.    Do something inappropriate on stage
36.    Collect some free shwag
37.    Flash someone
38.    Corn roll or completely braid your hair (Ke$ha feather optional)
39.    Send a failed text message
40.    Hitch-hike
41.    Pick up a hitch-hiker
42.    Drunk tweet something you regret
43.    Hand roll your own cig
44.    Bum a cig from a celeb (or band member)
45.    Eat non finger foods with your hands
46.    Trade sunglasses with someone (Double points if they say Sorry For Partying)
47.    Triple points: trade outfits with someone of the opposite sex in public
48.    Moon someone (points if you have a tattoo on your ass)
49.    Interpretative dance…in the middle of a dance circle
50.    Collect a set of drum sticks or guitar pick

What do you think? Can Jenny complete this before her week at SXSW is over? What would you add to the list? Tweet suggestions to @NYC_CC!

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