Celebrate International Women's Day with Hollywood's Finest [Photos]

I know it’s International Women’s Day and all, but I have a few confessions: Sometimes I voluntarily watch the Kardashians on TV. And of course it’s fun to read about Lindsay Lohan stumbling out of a club at 2AM. What’s more, I won’t lie and tell you I didn’t enjoy Crazy and Bald Britney more than her current, cleaned-up self. Crazy Britney is the best Britney, y’all!!
But in between the tabloid headlines and blind gossip, it’s really important to appreciate the…uh…less wild women of Hollywood. You know — the fierce women who volunteer, lead seemingly healthy lives, don’t smack talk their costars and basically present themselves as mature individuals. Stop scratching your head, these ladies definitely exist! And what better time to pay homage than on International Women’s Day?
Take a look at a few of our favorite female Hollywood role models and then tell us yours!

[Lead image via Antony McAulay/Shutterstock]

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