8 Drunk Confessions I Need to Stop Making

That whole drunk confession thing…it’s not just me, right? Give me a couple (dozen) drinks, and the next thing you know I’m baring my soul to my best friend, the awkward girl from work, my ex-boyfriend, the bouncer and anyone else willing to listen. Now, you see, this wouldn’t be a problem, but I have a habit of sharing things I should really be keeping to myself.
Don’t know what I’m talking about? Take a look at what I mean. And if you’re guilty of making these drunk confessions too, raise your glass in solidarity!

Alex loves rainbow sprinkles, retro bromances, and cultivating an iTunes library superior to yours. Most days, though, she just wishes she was Courtney Stodden. Got something to say or a good conspiracy theory you’re just dying to share with someone? Follow her on twitter @AlexandraRane or on Tumblr.
[Lead image via Irina1977/Shutterstock]

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