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Beauty on a Budget: L’Oreal Magic Souffle Foundation


As they say, variety is the spice of life, so I like to keep several different beauty products on hand and switch it up occasionally. I have been a powder foundation fan for quite some time but I recently found a new foundation to add to my rotation: L’Oreal’s Magic Souffle Foundation. It is a texture between liquid and powder that provides a great deal of coverage. Since I am used to a loose powder foundation, this seemed heavier to me than usual, but it was still very light and didn’t feel caked on.

Like I mentioned, I tend to use this product when I am getting ready for an event or if I need good coverage for a length of time. I generally stick to my usual powder foundation for daytime and the office. But at about $15 a pop, I would definitely say it’s worth it to pick one up to keep on hand.

The available shades are very true-to-color, and with its increased coverage I wasn’t immediately used to it since my usual powder is a bit more subtle. But with the right shade, this foundation is really a blessing. It stays smooth throughout the day and serves as almost a makeup primer as well, as your makeup goes on seamlessly on top. I promise, it’s a sure thing for flawless skin!

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