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Glee’s Heather Morris Has Nude Cell Phone Pics, Too [Photos]


It looks like cell phone hackers have decided to create a “March Madness” all their own. Just last week, Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn were the victims of cell phone hacks. Their private nude pics spread around the internet like wildfire in just a few hours. And today, there’s another big name to add to the list. Glee’s Heather Morris is the latest lady to have her naked pics splashed all over the internet.

Of course, there’s a chance these pics could be fake. But it sure looks like Heather to me. I have to say, as far as nude pics go, most of them are pretty classy. Heather’s no ScarJo though. I guess at this point, the real question is, who doesn’t have naked pics on their phone? Click here for more of the juicy details.

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