Pizza Roulette, the Game From Hell…Pizza

Warning: Before those crazy guys who live next door offer you a slice of pizza, make sure you’re not unknowingly participating in a harmless terrifying game of Pizza Roulette. New Zealand-based restaurant, Hell Pizza, has invented the game and I can’t tell if it’s brilliant…or brilliantly evil. So what is Pizza Roulette? Well, when you order this special pie from Hell Pizza, they put a ghost chili — the hottest pepper known to man — on one of the slices. But you don’t know which one.
Just because this particular pizza chain is based in New Zealand, don’t think doppelgangers won’t be popping up stateside. Whether it’s those aforementioned crazy guys next door, or even a Domino’s near you, my guess is that someone you know is going to spread the Pizza Roulette trend. Just something to keep in mind the next time your drunk ass reaches in the fridge for that leftover pizza you don’t remember ordering.
[Thumb image via Edyta Pawlowska/Shutterstock]

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