Celebrating March Madness: Best Underage Dunkers

As we told you earlier, we’re getting pumped for March Madness with the help of our buds over at Sorry For Partying. They’ve been educating us on the ins and outs of basketball so we don’t sound like complete morons come game time, and in return we’re giving them…well…we’re giving them one more excuse to talk about college ball. Whatever!
Today, our favorite fellas at Sorry for Partying are giving you the knowledge to dazzle even your most basketball literate friends. Next time you want to impress, just tell them, “Sure, that was a sweet dunk, but it doesn’t even compare to Austin Rivers’ winning shot against Ty Zeller.” See, now do I have any idea what I just said? No. But it sure as heck sounds like I did! Fake it ’til you make it, ladies. Here’s more from S4P…
With the NCAA Tournament brackets finally here, it’s time to let the most unproductive week of the year begin! Whether you’re filling-out your bracket’s on S4P’s Pick’em Challenge, “studying” for midterms, or already enjoying the hard earned week off for Spring Break, you’ll no doubt be paying attention to the madness.
To further get you in the mood for all the upsets and last-second shots, we’re giving you some of college basketball’s best all week. 
Since we want the best players on our team, we give you our starting five underage dunkers. They might not be able to throw down at the beer pong table, but if we ever get out on the hardwood, you better bet we’re looking for them to light it up!
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[Lead image via Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock]

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