Expectation vs. Reality: First Date Edition

Girls love to whine and act like meeting men is this big, impossible feat. I would like to respectfully disagree. If you’re relatively attractive and have a halfway decent personality, meeting guys is like shooting fish in a barrel. Now granted some of the fish in your barrel have awkward leather sports coats and mysteriously gimp to the left when they walk, but hey, we’re all human.
I’ve found the hard part comes after you’ve found that one amazing guy. You know who I’m talking about — his jokes are actually funny; his hair does that great wavy thing that just calls out, “Run your fingers through me! Come on! It won’t be creepy at all, I promise;” his shoes are completely, mercifully normal. He’s your basic catch. And guess what? He just asked you out. On a first date. Welcome to Hell.
If you think first dates are fun, it’s okay — I was once like you. But you know all those expectations you’ve got for the night? Yeah…reality never quite measures up. Just take a look…

Alex loves rainbow sprinkles, retro bromances, and cultivating an iTunes library superior to yours. Most days, though, she just wishes she was Courtney Stodden. Got something to say or a good conspiracy theory you’re just dying to share with someone? Follow her on twitter @AlexandraRane or on Tumblr.

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