In Our Makeup Bag: theBalm Nude 'tude Palette

What It Is: theBalm Nude ‘tude Palette

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:
Most makeup junkies I know love neutral eyeshadows. Sure, brights are fun, but neutrals are definitely more “everyday” and appropriate in every situation. Every makeup lover needs a palette full of neutral shades that’s great for a quick daytime look and traveling.
theBalm is obviously one of my favorite brands and I’m thrilled that they have finally decided to bring us a neutral palette! Nude ‘tude has two different looks, “Feeling Naughty” and “Feeling Nice”. They both contain identical shadows, but feature different artwork. Let’s see how the shadows performed!
How To Use It:
Nude ‘tude contains 12 neutral shadows, ranging from white highlights to black and brown liner shades. There is also a mix of finishes, which makes for versatility. Below I’ve swatched all 12 in natural light.

(L-R: Sassy, Stubborn, Snobby, Stand-offish, Selfish, Sophisticated, Sultry, Schitzo, Sexy, Serious, Silly, Sleek)

(Selfish on the lid, Sophisticated in the crease, Stubborn to blend)

CC Rating: A

This is such a wonderful palette! The selection of neutral shadows is great and should fill any girl’s beauty wardrobe with all the browns she needs! The balance between light and dark shades is perfect; I would use four shades as strictly lid colors, five as crease/outer corner colors, two as liners and there’s one that straddles the line as both lid or crease.
Makeup junkies will automatically be comparing this to Urban Decay Naked palettes, as they both offer a selection of neutral shadows. I own both of these palettes already and see both similarities and differences. If you own both UD palettes, then you’re probably considering theBalm slightly late to the neutral party; I can’t say anyone needs all three. However, if you’re in the market for a nude palette and want to keep the price reasonable, theBalm Nude ‘tude is your best bet of the bunch!
theBalm shadows are one of my fave formulas. Perfectly soft and blendable, this palette didn’t disappoint. I also really love the shimmer in many of the shadows – it’s multi-dimensional and almost metallic, but there’s no giant chunks of glitter to fall out. The $36 price tag on this baby ain’t so bad either. That breaks down to $3 per shadow, and while they’re not full-size by theBalm standards, that is still significantly lower than their regular price.
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