Celebrating March Madness: 10 College Basketball Fans We Love

As we told you earlier, we’re getting pumped for March Madness with the help of our buds over at Sorry For Partying. They’ve been educating us on the ins and outs of basketball so we don’t sound like complete morons come game time, and in return we’re giving them…well…we’re giving them one more excuse to talk about college ball. Whatever!
Today we’re celebrating you, the college basketball fan. To show our collective appreciation, S4P rounded up the top collegiate b-ball fans. Draw some inspiration from their overflowing spirit and bring it to your own viewing party.
Everyone knows why the NBA was locked-out earlier this season, because millionaire ballers wanted even more money, and billionaire owners weren’t giving it to them. But college basketball doesn’t have that problem. In college, you get the walk-on Seniors diving for loose balls, and no-name Freshmen stepping-up big in the clutch. It’s where upsets are celebrated with rushing the floor, and losing means a ton more.
With the NCAA Tourney tipping this week, we know we’ll see some crazy fans. Which ones are the greatest? We list a few that can stake claim as we get the best time for college hoops begins!
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Candy Dish: Steppin' Out
Candy Dish: Steppin' Out
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