Hot or Hot Mess: Sarah Jessica Parker in LV

Sarah Jessica Parker stepped out in Paris for the Vuitton show in this little Louis Vuitton throwback number. I am all for recycling fashion (this look is supposedly from 2005) but there is something about this frock that doesn’t add up for me. At first I completely loved it, but now I am just left a little unsettled. The lace detailing on the front of the top, the flirty hem, and general shape of the dress are all beautifully shaped on their own but I am not convinced I love it all together, especially with the shoes and white gloves.

Sarah Jessica Parker can pull off just about anything in my opinion, even some of the god-awful season one Sex in the City looks, so I generally approve of whatever she’s rocking. But what do you think, is our favorite sex columnist hot or a hot mess?
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