Lindsay Lohan Has Locked Herself Up

I guess putting yourself on house arrest is one way to stay out of trouble. Lindsay Lohan has decided to stay in until her probation is over on March 29th, and I’d say that’s a smart idea. It would be smarter if she had thought of that earlier, but whatever. Last week, a club manager claimed that Lilo hit him with her car when leaving, but she allegedly switched seats with her passenger to avoid charges. The manager was fine so no charges are being made right now, but they could in the future. She said that these claims are completely false, and let’s sure hope so.
As if girlfriend doesn’t have enough drama, Lindsay was leaving a bar and witnessed a pedestrian get hit by a motorcyclist. So I guess she finally realized that she shouldn’t be out at night until the coast is clear. While she’s been doing well keeping her act clean, she is definitely a target in the public eye. It’s probably best that she lay low for the next few weeks just in case something goes wrong. Lindsay won’t be going out at night, but I say just stay in all day honey.
Do a cleanse. Read a script. Do some yoga. Do everything you can to keep it together until your probation’s done. We all know dying your hair back to red isn’t going to make it all go away.
Do you think Lindsay will stay safe until her probation ends?
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