Sex in the News: Violence Against Women Act

One Republican woman joined a group of mostly Democratic senators late last week to try and convince Republicans to support an extended version of the Violence Against Women Act.

The act started as a bill created in 1994 to provide money for “emergency shelters, counseling, rape crisis centers, and legal services for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking.” It passed seven years ago, making it through the Senate without opposition. But a month ago, the new version of the bill was voted down by eight Republican men on the panel. Currently the bill is just two sponsors shy of the 60-vote margin that would guarantee it being passed.

From what I’ve read, the bill is stuck because some politicians oppose the ideas behind the new language. To some, the new provisions appear controversial. Language to include same-sex couples and adding illegal immigrants to its protections are seen as issues by some senators. The Republican senator from Alaska who stood for the bill said: “The Violence Against Women Act is, I think, a ray of hope for those who service victims of domestic violence and sexual assault within our villages.”

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