Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Jessica Alba is Cute and Colorful

I have never seen Jessica Alba look less than stunningly radiant. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Even though she has a two kids and is one of the mommy celebrities who actually appears hands-on with her children, she always looks relaxed and freshly pampered. I need her secrets, even though I’m sure they’re way out of my 99 percenter budget. Oh, well. Luckily, her style is definitely one that can be constantly recreated on the cheap.

shirt – Macy’s, $9.98//jacket – Forever 21, $29.86//jeans – Charlotte Russe, $29.99//bag – Forever 21, $16.80//pumps – Endless, $49.95

I love the vibrant color palette of this ensemble. Throwing together several colors always runs the risk of looking haphazardly sloppy, but it’s important to incorporate balance. A teal shirt is fairly neutral, as is this black leatherette jacket. Red denim adds a huge bold burst of color, creating a visually captivating look. A mustard colored bag is unexpected, but it adds to the overall vibrant, whimsical aesthetic. Color blocked shoes complete the look, and voila, you have a casual, interesting, dynamic outfit.
[Lead image via Featureflash/Shutterstock]

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