Do You Know How To Use A Condom? [Video]

Every time I see a banana, I can’t help but think of the health class scene in Never Been Kissed. Who else remembers that? They practice putting condoms on bananas, and it’s just as epically awkward as my high school health class.

I think we tend to assume that most people who have made it to college know how to use a condom. But a friend of mine is a peer health educator, and as part of a yearly event, her group challenges people to see if they can properly put on a condom. Using bananas, of course. And most people make at least one mistake. Yikes! When it comes to pregnancy and STDs, I don’t want any mistakes, ever.

Luckily, Trojan has our back. This video is a little silly, but it’s full of good information. A little reminder never hurts, so sit back, relax, and let the experts tell you how it’s done.

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