Web Spy: Have to Have

By now, pretty much everyone knows about, and is completely addicted to, Pinterest (myself included). There’s no better way to spend hours discovering new recipes, DIY projects, pretty pictures and fashion inspiration.

And now there’s a new site that combines my love of wasting time browsing Pinterest with my other love, online shopping — Have to Have! Have to Have aims to make online shopping easier by giving you a place to save things you just “have to have” from all over the web in one place.

You can also organize your finds into lists, such as a shopping list for your next trip to the mall, your birthday wish list or a packing list for your next vacation, which you can then share with your friends and family to not-so-subtly drop some hints about what you want this year.

While there are other sites that let you create shopping and wish lists from all over the web, Have to Have wins when it comes to visual appeal. When you log on to the site, you’re greeted with images of products other users have added, laid out in a beautiful “pinboard”-style, à la Pinterest.

Click on an image to save the item, add it to a list, or go to the online store to purchase it. You can also add items from any online store by adding the Have to Have bookmarklet button to your browser toolbar.

The only bad thing about Have to Have? It makes shopping so easy, you might have to restrain yourself so that you don’t go broke!

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